About JagHOA

We are your “one-stop solution” for member management. We will give you 30 days to test drive it. We are with you every step of the way to make the transition as seamless as possible. Call us for a demo to get started with your own innovative, secure, beautiful and FAST website.

Tired of the competitor sites going down and leaving you and your members/partners stranded for sometimes hours at a time? Or submitting support tickets only to be given a video to self-diagnose and try to fix?

With JagHOA you have the option of owning your own dedicated server, as well as a team ready to answer any of your questions and support tickets. JagHOA is THE solution that you and your team have been looking for! 

JagHOA is built by the team at WinnComm, LLC with YOU AND YOUR MEMBERS IN MIND! Come experience the JAG difference!

With this goal in mind, JagHOA has incorporated the ability for staff and their member/partners to post jobs, write blog posts, list events and sell tickets, advertise and so much more! We also customize to your individual needs.  We guarantee there isn’t a faster, better solution out there than JagHOA. PLUS, we have incorporated an internal email program that ACTUALLY tracks your reach, eliminates those ever bouncing emails from those third-party programs, an event registration, reservation and tracking feature. 

This streamlined system is easy to navigate, features a beautiful design, and above all… IS affordable for all size HOA's.  It’s a simple process. Start from one of our beautiful templates, bring your own design OR let us customize everything from the ground up for you on the Jag Framework!

To survive in the ever competitive world of networking and member business organizations, you must evolve and offer your members/partners more for their investment.  Trust us when we say, your staff will thank you for the ease of use and accessibility and your current member/partners and future investors will appreciate it too. Contact us today!

Spotlight Features

  • Membership module to track member activities, history and purchases. It also has the ability to categorize members/partners into various groups per any organizations needs.
  • Ecommerce solution, selling memberships, event tickets, raffle items, selling items for members via the ecommerce feature. The options are limitless!
  • Communications module(s) that helps solve all communication issues that you may experience with current providers that do NOT fully integrate or function within their own systems. Features of JagHOA include an email platform for newsletters; consists of the ability to post news releases, job listings, blog posts to website and a social media post management tool.
  • Accounting, which keeps track of membership, event and sponsorship sales and ties directly with QuickBooks Online integration
  • Reporting feature to download billing, membership, event and Google Analytic reports
  • Elements of an ERP solution